9AM Talk Net

  • 9AM talk net is a daily net starting at 9am on the N6NFI repeater (Ch 31 on your radio). Its moto: “We encourage new hams to check in and ask questions” Topics vary from very technical:“I built this massive antenna structure” to “I’m drinking my coffee on my commute ,hi everyone”

        W6BB Amateur Radio Club Net

  • We are re-starting the weekly net, but have moved the time to wednesday evenings at 1900 hrs on the LBNL Repeater, 442.275+ MHz with a PL tone of 103.5 Hz.

        W6BB Amateur Radio Emergency Communication Net

  • Since April 2011 the University of California Berkeley radio club, W6BB, runs a monthly emergency communication net.The net takes place each FIRST WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH (AT NOON) immediately after the siren tests on the UC Berkeley campus.There will be two or three net check-ins:
    • On repeater N6BRK (Ch-20 on your radio): 440.9+ Mhz, PL 131.8 Hz
    • On repeater WA6HAM (Ch-22 on your radio): 145.490- MHz, PL 107.2 Hz
    • On the Cal Bears 2m calling frequency (Ch-4 on your radio): 146.430 Mhz simplex

    Please program these channels into your radio and make it a habit to have an operational radio with you at all times.

    We encourage all licensed radio amateurs in the Berkeley area (on and off campus) to participate.

    Net control will be the first station receiving a response from a second station.
    In the future we might introduce a different rotating system for net control to give practice opportunities to all the regularly participating hams.

        Standby frequencies (currently not regularly monitored!)

  • Cal Bears 2m calling frequency (Ch-4 on your radio): 146.430 Mhz simplex
    WA6HAM 2m repeater (Ch-22 on your radio): 145.490- MHz PL 107.2 Hz
    We also monitor the N6BRK 70cm repeater (Ch-20 on your radio): 440.900+ Mhz PL 131.8 Hz